Cheery Aspirations

I can’t say I ever remember longing to be a cheerleader, but according to my dream, I was eager to be one and not just any cheerleader, a dang good one.

It began with me being a late starter to cheerleading (which if I had to do it at all, I guess starting later in my life makes the most sense).

I was in a group of girls much younger than me and they were all beginners. They needed to learn stamina, strength, conditioning and a lot of the routines, positions, moves etc. I needed to learn the routines and positions too, but I already had the strength, stamina, self-discipline, conditioning and certainly the drive well under control. But I was a “beginner” and so I had to train with the younger girls.

It seemed akin to how one must start out on the J.V. team rather than begin on the Varsity team. But I was bored with it quickly – and annoyed. The other girls were much younger and they simply weren’t focused enough yet for my tastes. So one day I was watching some of the older girls practice. While they were on a break, I simply walked up and asked if they would mind me training with them. I explained, before they could protest, that I didn’t expect to be ON their team, but that I would really like to train with them because the younger girls lacked the dedication and discipline. They weren’t serious about it like I was. ¬†Understanding that I wasn’t trying to “join” their team, the girls and their coach agreed that I could train with them.

I was thrilled and enjoyed being around equally-skilled girls. They, however, were stunned by my stamina and strength. There wasn’t anything that they could do that I couldn’t. I was in impeccable shape – as if I’d been doing this for several years and not just getting started. The truth was, I had always wanted to be a cheerleader so I HAD been strength training and conditioning and stretching for quite some time. I was serious about becoming a great cheerleader, I simply had had the opportunity to go for that dream until later than most of the other girls.

The last I remember of the dream is that they were so impressed with me that the coach pulled me from the other team and had me join the girls my own age. They were convinced that I’d be able to keep up and really just needed to learn the routines etc. I of course was thrilled and knew I could do it and that I wouldn’t let them down.

Waking up left me questioning where that must have come from since cheerleading was never an aspiration of mine. Perhaps there was something else that I really wanted to do well and it just came through as cheerleading. Either way, I thought it was worth recording as a possible plot. It’s currently pretty weak, but that can be remedied with a bit of creativity.

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