A Blank Canvas

Beginning a new blog is a bit daunting to me. There is so much space to fill. It’s a lot like that first touch of a brush to a blank sheet of canvas. Where do you start? What do you say? What color or tone do you use?

There are so many options with no right or wrong answer. Each stroke and each post is a building block of the foundation that will become part of the structure for the entire composition.

The beginning is the most important part of the work. – Plato

I created this blog as a place to organize and share my thoughts and random musings . It’s long overdue really. I’ve just been stingy with my writing and keeping it to myself. I’m paranoid that others will steal my ideas , but I also know that I won’t be posting full books on here nor will I be sharing full plots. They’re just ideas and unless you’re a full time author there is little chance of you actually taking pen to paper and writing a book from my musings. It may sound easy but writing is not easy. Its time consuming. Its challenging. And at times its also very frustrating. Writing takes as much dedication as a family or a relationship. It must be continuously nurtured to survive and as with any relationship, it’s always easier to walk away than it is to stick it out.

That’s more a reminder to myself than anything else. It’s what I’m telling myself at least, so do me a favor and just go with it. 😉

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