Broken Dragon Treaties

I record dreams. In this case, it was one of my husband’s dreams and it had a neat twist on the idea of dragons in the modern world. He awoke in the night and told me about it, as he often does when he thinks the story is worth sharing.  I ask as many questions as I can and it’s easy for me to remember the details since I’m wide awake and he just has to verbally recall as much as he can. This particular dream was interesting since it was very similar to a book that I’m reading even though he’s never read the book. I record dreams as potential ideas for books of my own.

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Zombies – Not My Favorite

My husband likes to play zombie games on his Xbox 360 like Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare or The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct or Left 4 Dead and others.

One of his most recent game-playing evenings mixed visuals with a previous dream of mine and since then, I’ve avoided watching his zombie killing games because the dreams resulted from it weren’t fun and they went on for far too long.

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