10 Clever Ways to Tell Coworkers You’re Pregnant

Discovering that you’re pregnant can be such an exciting time! On the other hand, finding ways to tell coworkers that you’re pregnant can sometimes be stressful. How do you tell them? How do you make it fun and yet unobtrusive for those who don’t care to share your excitement?

I can’t to tell you how many posts I read that discouraged women from telling coworkers or sharing the “excitement” at work saying it was inappropriate and could offend others that really couldn’t care less. What a sourpuss attitude! We can’t please everyone but that shouldn’t keep us from sharing our excitement and being happy about something so I decided that I wasn’t going to let their opinions stop me. It was my time to be excited and if my coworkers shared in that excitement, great, but if not, then they could just keep it to themselves.

Because I like to please people, I still chose to share the news in a way that was quiet, simple and fun for those that wanted to share the excitement and yet not a huge fanfare either so that the party-poopers could remain silent if they so chose to do so. Either way, I got to share my news and excitement with my coworkers.

Ways to Tell Coworkers You’re Pregnant…

  1. Create a Guess Who note and treat: Put pink and blue M&M’s in the lounge with a note saying Pink and Blue, Pink and Blue…Someone’s expecting can you guess who!
    I put my own twist on this one. Pink and blue M&M’s can be expensive or hard to find, so I opted for pink and blue frosted cookies. I created my own little note tags using scrapbooking paper and I wrote my own little poem. My coworkers enjoyed the cookies and had fun guessing who was pregnant.

    Sometimes I feel giddy.
    Sometimes I feel blue.
    Sometimes I’m crabby.
    But it’s not because of you!

    Pink or blue, pink or blue.
    Someone here is pregnant.
    Can you guess who?

  2. Create an announcement: “Proud to announce the expansion of Team (insert last name here), April 20xx. For now, I will be the only one expanding.”  Share the announcement during a department meeting or via email to close coworkers.
  3. Scan your first ultrasound: If your computer screen is visible by coworkers when they walk past your desk, add your ultrasound picture as the background or screensaver on your computer. This is a very quiet way to share the news and only those that are interested will comment.
  4. Make cupcakes or cookies: Top them with pink or blue icing, sprinkles and other baby-themed decorations like rattles and bottles. On a day when you know nothing major is scheduled at your workplace, pass around the cookies or cupcakes among your coworkers and you will find congratulations pouring in.
  5. “Accidentally” leave a baby magazine visible:  This can work particularly well if you’re expecting your first child. Leave a parenting or pregnancy magazine in plain view on your desk or casually walk into the office with a pregnancy book in hand with the title visible to all you pass.
  6. Save the date at work: If your company gives you access to co-workers’ calendars, you can share the news by blocking out time on your due date. Send a message letting your closest colleagues know you “expect” to be out of the office that day, for a very special reason. Make sure your message stays in line with company rules.
  7. Share the news in a family photo: Gather your family for an outing and make an opportunity for family photo during the event. Use an online photo card service and create a card to send to friends, coworkers and family. At the bottom of the picture write something like:

    Admission to state park – $2.00
    Baby girl’s dress – $15.00
    Hubby’s new silk tie – $25.00
    Knowing that there are 4 of us in this photo – PRICELESS!!

  8. Spill the beans with jelly beans! Make up little gift bags or boxes filled with pink and blue jelly beans and include a tag that says, “It’s time to spill the beans… we’re expecting in June 2014!!” If possible, place one on each person’s desk before they get to work.
  9. Create a poll with a prize: Take your best ultrasound picture and scan it to a 4×6 or 8×10 size photo and add a note to it that says, “Who’s my Mama?” Put it up in your department or breakroom with a lined sheet of paper with space for their name and their guess. Include a note that says the winners will receive a treat tomorrow. The treat can be whatever you like, lollipops, cookies with the due date written on them, M&M’s, cupcakes – whatever you like! Hand deliver them to the winners or bring a treat in to share with everyone so they can celebrate the occasion with you.
  10. Build a word puzzle: Use a pre-made, baby-themed crossword or word search puzzle or create your own and leave the puzzle out on a table somewhere with some pink and blue pencils.
    Free Word Search Generators:
    – http://tools.atozteacherstuff.com/word-search-maker/
    – http://worksheets.theteacherscorner.net/make-your-own/word-search/
    Free Crossword Generators:
    – http://tools.atozteacherstuff.com/free-printable-crossword-puzzle-maker/
    – http://worksheets.theteacherscorner.net/make-your-own/crossword/

If you’re pregnant and looking for ways to tell coworkers you’re pregnant, I hope this list provides you with some inspiration. Congratulations and enjoy!!

4 thoughts on “10 Clever Ways to Tell Coworkers You’re Pregnant

  1. I love most of these but strongly advise against 1 and 9. It can put anyone who isn’t pregnant but who is guessed feel VERY uncomfortable and esp for those who may desire to be pregnant, can surface a lot of really hard feelings.

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